So, I kinda fell off the face of the Earth there for a while, eh?

Sorry about that! I really am! Things just get busy, hectic, crazy! and blogging is the first thing that goes… then my gardening board, then facebook, and when I’m too busy to watch my favorite TV shows… I know something has to give. 😉

I am still eating low carb! (Hooray!!) This past Friday, I weighed in at 184. That’s FORTY POUNDS gone! I could not be any happier right now than I am!! Okay, maybe if I had just made the final payment on our last debt, or if I just found our dream forever home and were in a position to actually buy it… OR I had just hit my target weight goal, or… okay.. you get the picture! LOL

So! A LOT of stuff has happened since I last blogged. CUH-RAY-ZEE!

First things first! NEW PICTURES! YAY! (Ignore the crazy sunburn.. yes I know I should wear sunblock. Shesh!) I’ve lost a total of 40 pounds, but I do not have any measurements to go on because I completely forgot to take them, and every time I say “Oh! I should do some measurements!” I never have anyone to assist me and forget when I DO have someone to help me. I think I should change my name to Dory.


This was My husband, my daughter and myself on Easter morning at church. We had just finished working the 3rd and final service of the day and my feet were KILLING me! (I wear heels about as often as moon turns blue) This picture actually sparked my oldest sister to call me and tell me that she almost didn’t recognize me, and that I really looked great. I’m not sure that I want my family to not even recognize me, but I took it as a compliment anyways. I actually got a little self conscious of everyone telling me how great I looked. Made me wonder if I REALLY looked bad before! LOL



Okay, so I don’t have that many pictures of ME to share, but, I did have SOME! Some is better than none, so quitcheryappin! 😉 And here’s a picture of an Iris from my flower garden (and one of the reasons I’m sunburnt!) for no reason.  Ain’t it purdy?!



Okay! In other news! The biggest news first! The hubby has started Low Carbing with me! WOOHOO!! He started last Monday (21 April) and has lost 5 pounds already! I’m so proud of him! I’m glad that he’s wanting to finally make that change and lose weight!  I’m so glad that I now have a live in accountability partner! Of course, since I “graduated” to Phase 2 of Atkins, I can eat a few more things than he can. The other day we had taco salad, and you can bet that I enjoyed every bit of those refried beans! No beans for the hubby. He was okay with it though. I DID let him indulge in some Carb Smart ice cream tho.  He’s not a big ice cream guy, so I was surprised that , but he DOES like candy, so, I’m glad that he’s not getting the candy. He DID have sugar in his coffee this weekend tho. He said it was just a muscle memory thing and by the time he remembered he had drank almost a whole cup! LOL I told him it was okay, and we removed the sugar from by the coffee maker. He has agreed to sharing his before pictures, so here are his before pictures. He weighed in at 250 pounds yesterday, which is down 5 pounds less than what his “start” weight was.



Other than that… let see!

Hubby and I went through Financial Peace University recently! Man oh MAN was it amazing! We’ve got money in the bank, we’ve got all of our bills taken care of, AND we’ve managed to pay off some debts as well! We sold my truck, which made me sad, but, by selling it, we will are on track to be debt free (other than our house) by December of 2015! That means that by the time that hubby graduates and we’re ready to start the next “chapter” we should have no debt, other than our house, and the small amount of student loans that he’s already taken, tho we’re not taking any more loans for his school.

We got some more chicks! Silkie chicks are about the cutest thing on the entire planet! We also hatched some quality Buckeye chicks as well. Not quite as many as we were HOPING to, but enough to get us re-started with these better quality birds. We’re still working on the new Silkie coop, but it will get done! Next thing would be the NEW new coop for the Buckeyes! *sigh* There is always something that needs fixed or built here! We have everything for our garden in the ground, other than our “summer spinach,” which I’m not so sure I want to plant any more. I guess I COULD plant it where we eventually want to put the garden tool shed so that way if we no longer want it we can just put it right over the top and be done with it.

Okay! I’ve got to get moving on some dinner for everyone, and get some laundry folded. A housewifes work is never done!!


Another weigh in!

So, I completely forgot yesterday was Friday and didn’t weigh in, so I weighed in this morning.


I’ll take it!

Since I didn’t have a “Before”picture, the best I can do is a sometime before picture.  Lol Here’s a new picture from today that shows a comparison. I don’t think it looks like I’ve lost much weight in my pictures, but I am!  🙂



So, first off I want to say that I sometimes really suck at blogging. I get busy with one thing or another and blogging is the first thing to go!

Have no fear tho! I am still here! Still plugging away. I PROMISE that I will post my weight tomorrow. (Last weeks was 193.2 btw)


So today I was having a sweets craving. I have been for the last couple of days. I’m not sure why tho. Yesterday I quenched this by taking a shot of HWC with a couple packets of Splenda. It worked but it was HORRIBLE tasting! LOL It was SO sweet and kinda gritty because the Splenda didn’t dissolve in the cream. BLECK!! But id definitely worked!! So, when they kicked up today, I just decided that I was going to do something about it.


I made macaroons!!! Oh my goodness they are DELICIOUS! I found the recipe on the LowCarbFriends forum.

  • 1/3 cup Almond flour
  • 1/4 teaspoon of baking powder
  • 1/8 teaspoon salt
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla (I think I added a little more I didn’t measure)
  • 3/4 cup Splenda (I’ll admit… I only used half cup)
  • 1 Tablespoon butter – melted
  • 2 2/3 cup unsweetened flaked coconut (Mine was fine shred)
  • 1/4 teaspoon almond extract (I omitted)
  1. Blend together almod flour, baking powder, and salt, set aside
  2. Beat together eggs, vanilla, and almond extract (if using) until foamy, then gradually beat in sugar
  3. Add butter
  4. Gradually add dry ingredients to egg mixture and mix well
  5. Fold in coconut (At this point I thought mine looked a little dry so I added a little HWC)
  6. Drop mixture by rounded teaspoon, about 2 inches apart, on greased baking sheets
  7. Bake at 325 for 15 minutes, or until golden brown around the edges

This makes about 1 1/2 dozen cookies or so, and is about 36g of carbs for the entire recipe.

This is one of those recipes that is REALLY dangerous if you don’t have self control. They are SO delicious! I’ve had 4 since they came out of the oven. I’m going to put the rest of them in a ziplock and into the freezer they will go!

I hope that everyone else is doing well on their journeys!


Shame or excitement?

So, I did my official weigh in today. 195.6 That’s 28.4 pounds.

I should be really happy about that, and I am! Don’t get me wrong! I’m super proud of my weight loss and I’m not trying to say that I’m ashamed of myself, but, I guess I’m just ashamed of how I look.

A big big BIG thing for me… I’m sharing a picture of myself. I’m just in my sports bra and a pair of PT shorts. It’s sort of embarrassing, but, I AM proud of my weight loss.


I don’t really know what to say! I know that I will continue to lose weight. I know that I will not be as “plump” the farther I go in my journey.   I really am putting myself out there, which is NOT like me at all. In the past, I’ve posted pictures of my scale, but NEVER of myself!

Now that I’ve exposed all my “fluffiness” to everyone, I guess there are no more secrets, eh? 😉

My motivation

One of my bloggy buddies made a list of motivators for her weight loss. She wrote about having babies and vacations and some really great things, so, I thought that I would try and write MY motivators up here.

1 This dress (and collar bones)



This was before I met my husband. I had a rather dorky male roommate, and he didn’t want to go to his Marine Corps Ball alone, so he asked if I would go with him. I told him sure, and I picked out a dress I already had (and still have mind you) and went to a friends house and got my hair did. I walked out of the bathroom after I got dressed and he said “Wow….” LOL I kinda miss that.


2 For my family

My family is one of the most important things in the WORLD to me.  I would do ANYTHING for my family, including my brothers and sisters, their offspring and significant others.  That’s just how we were raised. You looked out for your family. You took care of your family. I want to be an example to my family so that they want to take steps to be healthier as well. One of my sisters also does Atkins, and she’s lost like 70 pounds so far doing it! SHE’S the one that got ME started!! And for that, I’m eternally grateful, and extremely proud. (And yes… it was the same sister that told me that eating my Double Quarters with fries was going to make my hiney big. It took almost 15 years…. but she was right! 😉 )

3 For my wallet

I have an entire closet of clothes that I cannot wear! LITERALLY! I have STACKS of pants that are too small. I have LOADS of tops and skirts and this and that… just can’t wear them because I’m just too big! Hopefully I will get to wear the kick butt pencil skirt and silkie tops that my husband bought me as a “WOOHOO! WAY TO GO!” present the last time I was losing weight. He was so proud of me. I was proud of me too. When I fit in them (because I’ve NEVER worn them before!!!!!!) I WILL be putting a picture up here!

4 For Myself

I just am really not comfortable in the skin I’m in. I’ve always been “large” because I have a large frame (I can’t tell you how many of those guess your weight games I’ve won! LOL), but I never really felt LARGE before. I don’t remember who said it… but one time I heard a guy say “Nah… you can tell if she’s fat by her arms. If her arms are fat, then SHE’S fat!” For some reason that really struck me. It has stayed with me all this time. I’m so very self conscious of my arms for that reason. Even tho I DO have big muscles on my arms… I do have fat too… and the fat it what I want to be rid of. It’s slowly leaving, and I still have a long way to go, but I am getting there and that’s all that matters

5 For my joints

Last year I had  knee surgery. The surgeon told me that I would NEVER do high impact workouts ever again. That hurt my heart. I used to love to run! I LOVE doing Jillian Michaels (when I’m in shape), and most of all, I LOVE TurboJam! I can’t do ANY of those things?! When I went to my physical therapy, my therapist said that really, ALL movement is high impact. Including walking. He said for me to have THE LEAST amount of stress on my knee possible would be to lose weight and to get in shape by doing yoga, pilates, the elliptical machine, and swimming. The amount that I’ve lost so far is really helping my joints, I can only imagine being at 150 will do!


That’s really all I can think about right now… I guess it’s a bit selfish considering that all but 1 are about me…. but I guess that’s the whole reason behind the list, eh?

Friday weigh-in!

Ummmmmm….. I just want to say




I’ve lost 3.6 pounds since last week! (And yes… #9 is my favorite Dr, followed closely by #10!)


I was so ecstatic when I stepped on the scale this morning! I wanted to shout it from the rooftop! First thing I did was text my sister, because she’s the one that really got me started doing Atkins in the first place. Next thing I did was go jump on my bed with my husband sleeping in it. He grumpily told me to knock it off to which I exclaimed “CAN’T I’M IN ONEDERLAND!” to which he replied “Alice?” and I laughed and ran off.



Challenge Bio

I am participating in the Sprint To May Challenge over at Carolinas’ blog NewFoundFitness. Part of the Challenge is to write a bio about yourself. So, here’s mine.


I was always a slender person, never weighing more than 160 when I wasn’t pregnant, which is about 15 pounds from my teenage years. I never had to work out, or think about what I ate. I never had to count calories, restrict what I ate or drank, never worried about any of that because I knew that I would just work it off somehow. I’m not sure how I did it, but, I managed to stay fairly skinny and ate literally whatever I wanted. My sister used to tell me all the time “You better be careful, one of these days all that is going to catch up to you and you’re going to have a giant @$$!” and I always brushed it off and kept on shoveling in the Double Quarter Pounders, large fries and a Dr Pepper.

Right before I moved to North Carolina, I worked at River Downs race track in Cincinnati, Ohio. Growing up around horses, I knew that it was long laborious hours that were put in taking care of these animals, but I honestly never thought that I would be putting in 80-100 hours at the track, and then having a part time job on top of that! I had to to survive! I got down to about 125 pounds. I was a stick figure. I honestly looked bad. I can look back at pictures from way back then and I just think I look sick!

After I moved here, I did put on a few pounds, but I think I actually started to look better that way. I was in a size 6 jeans, and I felt good about myself. My neighbor and I would get up every morning and run 5 miles, and I still ate anything and everything that I wanted, and even went out with the boys and had a few beers, and when I say a few… there were many a night I remember closing down the bar and then heading out to a bonfire until the sun was coming up!! We’re talking Marine Corps hare core drinking here! Still stayed a size 6.

Then I met my husband. We were playing poker at a local bar and I was instantly attracted to him. He’s just like me though, and had absolutely no idea that I was flirting with him. We were friends for a few months, and then our friend set us up so we would wind up together. He was right. We clicked, and have been together ever since. We’ve both packed on the pounds together as well. The many late nights of poker followed with greasy bar food started catching up to me and I crept back up to a size 10. I lost my job, got depressed, and gained a few more pounds until I was a size 12.

Around that time I started going over to a friends house and we were doing Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred 3 days a week. I got back down to about 170 and I was really feeling good about myself. I could run and play with the kids in the park. I could wear shorts that didn’t go to my knees!! I felt really good! Then, I went on vacation, and I didn’t keep up with it, and then my friend moved to Hawaii and that was the end of that. I crept back up on the weight scale.

I then set my mind that I was going to start working my Jillian Michaels again as a NYR! I did GREAT for the first 3 weeks. Every single day I got up and did my workout. Then one morning, I got up, did my workout, and I went to turn the shower on in the kids bathroom and the handle broke! I decided that I would wait until we got the water fixed before I started working out again. Since I didn’t know where the water shut off was, I just turned it off the best I could and left it. We finally figured it out a couple days later. It was UNDER the house aaaallllll the way on the other side from the entrance. (REALLY?!) So I had to low crawl all the way from one side of my house, to the other, there and back. No big deal right?! The first time it was a BREEZE! In and out no problems. We get the faucet fixed, and a pipe since I managed to break it (oops!! LOL) and then I started my crawl to turn the water back on. On the way THERE I heard something pop in my knee, and by the time I got out from under the house my knee was in some serious pain!! I thought I would take a little bit off from exercising, and that it would be better and I would get back to it!

A week after that I went to the Dr because I was still in pain. They did an MRI on my knee, but when I went back, the Dr told me that there was nothing wrong with my knee, so it had to have been that my knee muscles weren’t strong enough to support my exercising and sent me to physical therapy. I went to therapy for a few months, and things “got better” but, would still hurt when I would work out, so I stopped for a while.

I started exercising again, but this time with a different program called Turbo Jam. It was SO MUCH fun! I absolutely LOVED it, but, eventually, it started making my knee hurt and I stopped and I gained all the weight back, and then some.

The next year I started a NYR to lose weight again. This time I started, I felt great, and my knee was holding up wonderfully! Until it didn’t. I sat down after a workout, because I got it in late, I had to go straight from working out to work. I work from home, so I did a little bit of stretching and sat down to work with the full intention to take a long hot shower after my 4 hour shift. I took a quick break about half way through and when I stood up, I crumbled right to the floor. Back to the doctor for me!

After another MRI, the doctor said I needed knee surgery, that I had torn a big chunk of cartilage in my knee, that it looked like I had been like that for some time to be that size. I had surgery to repair my knee and I was 220 pounds. The heaviest I had ever been in my life. I did PT after surgery. Right after surgery, I had very little mobility in my knee, but after a week, I had almost more than doubled the mobility! My therapist was surprised beyond belief! I worked really hard, and I even started missing squats and lunges!

A couple months later, I started boot camp with a friend from church, 1 hour a day, 3 days a week. He would modify the exercises for me because my knee wasn’t as strong and would really start to hurt after a few reps. After a month, I had actually GAINED weight, so I went BACK to the Dr to see what was going on.

The Dr wanted to put me on Phentermine to “kick-start” my weight loss, but before he could put me on that, he had to do lots of blood work. Everything came back just great, except for my total insulin. Normal insulin should be between 3 and 28, mine was 49, almost twice what it should be! My Dr gave me a prescription for Metformin, and I asked about changing my diet to lose some weight. My Dr was more worried about my high insulin levels than he was about my diet at the time.

I started Atkins on 1November2013 at 224 pounds. I try to weigh in every week. This past Friday I didn’t post my weigh in because I was a bit discouraged because my weight had actually gone up again, to 203.4. I was frustrated and felt a little down about myself. I stuck to my guns tho! I kept on the train, and this morning I stepped on the scale and I was 199.8! WOOOHOOO!! Now lets just hope it sticks!

Anyways! My goal is to be at 175 by my birthday, which is 12June. That’s 25 pounds in 6 months! That’s not a HUGE goal, considering I’ve lost 24 pounds in about 10 weeks. I know it will slow down tho. I know I will get frustrated. But I will just keep plugging away! 🙂

My plan is to do yoga 3 times a week, and work on my Wii Fit Plus 2 or more days a week.

If my weight loss sticks, then I will get a cut and color very soon! I haven’t “cut” my hair since I was pregnant with my daughter, and she’s not 10! I went from having hair to almost my butt, to my shoulders. It was NOT what I asked for and I bawled for days. LOL I’m thinking of going red maybe? I’m not sure. I will be sure to take a before and after picture tho!! 🙂 Hopefully by June I will be able to get my new “sexy” outfit! 🙂