Progress Pictures

LilySlim - (fIJA)

I don’t really have any “before” pictures because I kinda hate taking pictures of myself, so I’ll post a picture of me and the Hangman from Sleepy Hollow, which was taken a couple months before I started my low-carb journey. BUT! I will start 1February, which is the start of week 13. (Is it still weird I count in weeks?? Like.. “My baby is 216 months old!” Why can’t you say 18?! Sheesh!) Like that lil ticker?? Awesome ain’t it? I got it from LilySlim!



So, this picture is very embarrassing to me. It shouldn’t be though! I’ve lost 28.4 pounds so far. I still have a ways to go, but, it’s better than where I was 28 pounds ago!!!! (31January2014)



Looking better! I FEEL much better!! Total of 40 lost, weighing in at 184. (29April2014)



This month Hubby joined me! Here’s his Before weighing in at 250 pounds. (29April2014)



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