Goal #2

So, goal #2 was to hit onederland, which was followed by a reward of a cut and color. I met that goal back in January, but I’m a GIANT pansy when it comes to getting my hair cut because I had a HORRIBLE experience when I was in high school then resulted in me being called “mankind” for my senior year. It was horrible.

I agonizingly looked through pictures of hair styles not finding anything I liked. I finally found it. The perfect cut and boy was it a doozy! And since I never do anything half heartedly… I give you the before and after!


What do ya think? Worth the wait? I gotthe cut BEFORE the color because I’m also going to be sending it to Locks of Love


All that hair is JUST the back! They didn’t include the sides in there. Mostly because it has a wedge effect and it’s longer in the front than the back. It’s as long as my forearm and at least an inch across! I don’t know the exact measurement, but I will get it! I hope that my hair will make someone a lovely wig. I know when my mom lost all her hair because of chemo, her wig made her feel at least a little bit more “human.”

I’m still plugging away! Even though I did cheat a bit on Memorial Day and had a couple glasses of wine.  I’m down 43 pounds! Only 7 more to go until my next goal! Woohoo!



So, I kinda fell off the face of the Earth there for a while, eh?

Sorry about that! I really am! Things just get busy, hectic, crazy! and blogging is the first thing that goes… then my gardening board, then facebook, and when I’m too busy to watch my favorite TV shows… I know something has to give. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I am still eating low carb! (Hooray!!) This past Friday, I weighed in at 184. That’s FORTY POUNDS gone! I could not be any happier right now than I am!! Okay, maybe if I had just made the final payment on our last debt, or if I just found our dream forever home and were in a position to actually buy it… OR I had just hit my target weight goal, or… okay.. you get the picture! LOL

So! A LOT of stuff has happened since I last blogged. CUH-RAY-ZEE!

First things first! NEW PICTURES! YAY! (Ignore the crazy sunburn.. yes I know I should wear sunblock. Shesh!) I’ve lost a total of 40 pounds, but I do not have any measurements to go on because I completely forgot to take them, and every time I say “Oh! I should do some measurements!” I never have anyone to assist me and forget when I DO have someone to help me. I think I should change my name to Dory.


This was My husband, my daughter and myself on Easter morning at church. We had just finished working the 3rd and final service of the day and my feet were KILLING me! (I wear heels about as often as moon turns blue) This picture actually sparked my oldest sister to call me and tell me that she almost didn’t recognize me, and that I really looked great. I’m not sure that I want my family to not even recognize me, but I took it as a compliment anyways. I actually got a little self conscious of everyone telling me how great I looked. Made me wonder if I REALLY looked bad before! LOL



Okay, so I don’t have that many pictures of ME to share, but, I did have SOME! Some is better than none, so quitcheryappin! ๐Ÿ˜‰ And here’s a picture of an Iris from my flower garden (and one of the reasons I’m sunburnt!) for no reason. ย Ain’t it purdy?!



Okay! In other news! The biggest news first! The hubby has started Low Carbing with me! WOOHOO!! He started last Monday (21 April) and has lost 5 pounds already! I’m so proud of him! I’m glad that he’s wanting to finally make that change and lose weight! ย I’m so glad that I now have a live in accountability partner! Of course, since I “graduated” to Phase 2 of Atkins, I can eat a few more things than he can. The other day we had taco salad, and you can bet that I enjoyed every bit of those refried beans! No beans for the hubby. He was okay with it though. I DID let him indulge in some Carb Smart ice cream tho. ย He’s not a big ice cream guy, so I was surprised that , but he DOES like candy, so, I’m glad that he’s not getting the candy. He DID have sugar in his coffee this weekend tho. He said it was just a muscle memory thing and by the time he remembered he had drank almost a whole cup! LOL I told him it was okay, and we removed the sugar from by the coffee maker. He has agreed to sharing his before pictures, so here are his before pictures. He weighed in at 250 pounds yesterday, which is down 5 pounds less than what his “start” weight was.



Other than that… let see!

Hubby and I went through Financial Peace University recently! Man oh MAN was it amazing! We’ve got money in the bank, we’ve got all of our bills taken care of, AND we’ve managed to pay off some debts as well! We sold my truck, which made me sad, but, by selling it, we will are on track to be debt free (other than our house) by December of 2015! That means that by the time that hubby graduates and we’re ready to start the next “chapter” we should have no debt, other than our house, and the small amount of student loans that he’s already taken, tho we’re not taking any more loans for his school.

We got some more chicks! Silkie chicks are about the cutest thing on the entire planet! We also hatched some quality Buckeye chicks as well. Not quite as many as we were HOPING to, but enough to get us re-started with these better quality birds. We’re still working on the new Silkie coop, but it will get done! Next thing would be the NEW new coop for the Buckeyes! *sigh* There is always something that needs fixed or built here! We have everything for our garden in the ground, other than our “summer spinach,” which I’m not so sure I want to plant any more. I guess I COULD plant it where we eventually want to put the garden tool shed so that way if we no longer want it we can just put it right over the top and be done with it.

Okay! I’ve got to get moving on some dinner for everyone, and get some laundry folded. A housewifes work is never done!!

Shopping in my closet

So, I used to be a shopper.

Back when I was losing weight, I would buy clothes that were just a tiny bit too small to keep me motivated to lose weight. Obviously that only worked for a little while.  So, since I’m the smallest I’ve been in a few years I’ve been found quite a bit of shopping in my own closet for “new” clothes.

I’ve had this dress in my closet for a long time. It still had the tags on it! I bought it on clearance too.  I don’t know if I’m brave enough to wear this dress or in public because the fabric is thin and I feel like I should wear a slip underneath it.  Lol I think it looks rather good to. (You all should feel special, I’ve only showed this picture to my sister!  Lol)


I really don’t like how my arms look, but I also know I need to start toning up as well.  I keep saying I’m going to do yoga, but I haven’t started yet. I know, bad me! I just can’t seem to get myself out of bed early enough.  I always lay in bed and read the news instead.  :/

That’s my next goal, to start doing yoga. Anybody have any suggestions for easy beginners yoga? I do have a couple YouTube videos bookmarked. I NEED to start! Dang me and my procrastination!

Another weigh in!

So, I completely forgot yesterday was Friday and didn’t weigh in, so I weighed in this morning.


I’ll take it!

Since I didn’t have a “Before”picture, the best I can do is a sometime before picture. ย Lol Here’s a new picture from today that shows a comparison. I don’t think it looks like I’ve lost much weight in my pictures, but I am! ย ๐Ÿ™‚


What size?

So today I was cleaning out my closet. I have a LOT of clothes in a wide array of sized. I have just about every size between a 3 and a 16. (yes, 7 years ago I wore size 3 jeans which I will be gifting to my neice). So today I pulled down a giant attack of jeans to sort. Size 10… 10… 12… 12… 10… 14… 16… 12… Since I really don’t know what size I am, I thought I would try on the size 14 Capri pants I only wore once. (I hate Capri pants because I have stumpy legs).

Guess what?

Them bad boys fit!!!

I was BEYOND ecstatic! Of course these are Old Navy jeans, but a 14 is a 14 and I’m so stinking happy! Woooooohooooooo!

I’ll try to take a picture soon. ๐Ÿ™‚

Official weigh in.

So last night it snowed, and we all know how I feel about snow. (and in case you forgot….. I HATE SNOW!) And I woke up this morning to a wire oasis of doom. Okay. I may be a little over dramatic, but not by much. I got a 5am wake up call from the school informing me of a 2 hour delay…. a whole hour before my alarm was set. A WHILE HOUR OF SLEEP I MISSED! I’m not bitter tho…..

Anyways! On to exciting news! I I have officially lost 30 pounds! I weighed in at 194.0 this morning. Woooohoooo!

Oh yeah! *dances around the room*

In other exciting news! We FINALLY have electric in or matter suite again. It went out quite some time ago and we couldn’t figure out why. One of our friends from church was an electrician before he joined the Maine Corps, so he came over to help us out. Basically, hr said we needed a new wire ran to or room, so that’s what he did!  I bought a new ceiling fan and he installed that too. I love it!

My next project will be my sons room. Since we live in a modular home, the walks are covered in a textured vinyl and I HATE it! Anything that draws my attention away from the “main attraction” drives me batty. The people that owned this house before us painted the walks dark colors and it makes the rooms look small and dreary. I have decided that all rooms will be painted a light color if yellow, blue, or green, excluding the kids rooms. My sons room will be grey with a purple stripe ruining around the wall, and my daughter keeps changing get mind. Latest is she wants hot pink and black, which I think she will hate once she gets it up so I’m trying for something else. Lol Each room will get a new ceiling fan like the one we poor up last night. They are very nice and budget friendly! ๐Ÿ™‚

Okay, I guess that’s enough of my decorating talk. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I hope everyone has a great weekend! I have a Scentsy party this weekend. I’ve never done one before because I have too many friends that sell it and don’t want to offend anyone, but my friend Nicole ripped me in by saying I could earn a free rooster warmer if I had a party! Lol If you need any Scentsy, let me know and I’ll give you her link so you can have it added to my party and shipped right to your door!

Shame or excitement?

So, I did my official weigh in today. 195.6 That’s 28.4 pounds.

I should be really happy about that, and I am! Don’t get me wrong! I’m super proud of my weight loss and I’m not trying to say that I’m ashamed of myself, but, I guess I’m just ashamed of how I look.

A big big BIG thing for me… I’m sharing a picture of myself. I’m just in my sports bra and a pair of PT shorts. It’s sort of embarrassing, but, I AM proud of my weight loss.


I don’t really know what to say! I know that I will continue to lose weight. I know that I will not be as “plump” the farther I go in my journey. ย ย I really am putting myself out there, which is NOT like me at all. In the past, I’ve posted pictures of my scale, but NEVER of myself!

Now that I’ve exposed all my “fluffiness” to everyone, I guess there are no more secrets, eh? ๐Ÿ˜‰