So, I’ve been doing some thinking.

I would really like to be able to make this blog something big! I would like to be able to help people and find products that I like and do sponsored posts and all kinds of other things.

There in lies the problem.

WordPress says that I cannot do any of those things.

I can’t have sponsors. I can’t do sponsored posts. I can’t advertise at all or they will shut down my blog, even if I’m paying for them to host it.

So, I’ve been thinking about moving my blog to blogger. Would you, my readers (all handful of you! 😉 ), still read my blog if I moved it?

I’m not saying that I would become an advertising extraordinaire, but if I want to get something to test, and be paid or even just receive products for free to try, then I would like to be able to do that without worrying that I’m going to have my blog shut down. Does that make sense?

I don’t want to lose my readers tho! You tell me. What do you think about me moving my blog?


Day 2 – Induction

So, today was another lunch via McDonalds. I really need to stop doing that! LOL

This morning I had some turkey bacon and eggs before my daughter and I headed outside to round up a bunch of roosters to take to the local auction. (We have ducks, chickens, turkeys, and rabbits on our little “mini farm”) We got everybody rounded up and in the truck (Well, I call it a truck.. it’s REALLY an SUV) and met our friend at the McDonalds up the road. I got a large Diet Dr Pepper and we went on our merry way!

I did pretty well at the auction, bringing in just under $35 and managed to walk away without buying anything! Woohoo! We ended up at McDonalds again for lunch. *forehead smack* BUT! We were with a bunch of friends, so, it was okay. I got a grilled chicken club (which they forgot the bacon on) with no bun, and a Double Quarter (which they tried to give me a single!) with no bun, and another Diet Dr Pepper. So, with my daughters lunch included, I brought home about $18. LOL Oh well. It happens.

For dinner tonight we’re having stuffed burgers and salad and are relaxing.

My husband said that he was going to be doing Atkins with me, but yesterday morning he had pizza for breakfast, and in the middle of the night he went and bought a bag of Doritos. Apparently he doesn’t want this as badly as I do. I haven’t really had any cravings yet, but not stealing one of my daughters french fries was a mighty tough thing to do!! I did it tho, and I’m proud of myself.

Tomorrow I’m going to be making a roast, with green beans and cauliflower mash. I can’t wait!