Goal #2

So, goal #2 was to hit onederland, which was followed by a reward of a cut and color. I met that goal back in January, but I’m a GIANT pansy when it comes to getting my hair cut because I had a HORRIBLE experience when I was in high school then resulted in me being called “mankind” for my senior year. It was horrible.

I agonizingly looked through pictures of hair styles not finding anything I liked. I finally found it. The perfect cut and boy was it a doozy! And since I never do anything half heartedly… I give you the before and after!


What do ya think? Worth the wait? I gotthe cut BEFORE the color because I’m also going to be sending it to Locks of Love


All that hair is JUST the back! They didn’t include the sides in there. Mostly because it has a wedge effect and it’s longer in the front than the back. It’s as long as my forearm and at least an inch across! I don’t know the exact measurement, but I will get it! I hope that my hair will make someone a lovely wig. I know when my mom lost all her hair because of chemo, her wig made her feel at least a little bit more “human.”

I’m still plugging away! Even though I did cheat a bit on Memorial Day and had a couple glasses of wine.  I’m down 43 pounds! Only 7 more to go until my next goal! Woohoo!



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