Shopping in my closet

So, I used to be a shopper.

Back when I was losing weight, I would buy clothes that were just a tiny bit too small to keep me motivated to lose weight. Obviously that only worked for a little while.  So, since I’m the smallest I’ve been in a few years I’ve been found quite a bit of shopping in my own closet for “new” clothes.

I’ve had this dress in my closet for a long time. It still had the tags on it! I bought it on clearance too.  I don’t know if I’m brave enough to wear this dress or in public because the fabric is thin and I feel like I should wear a slip underneath it.  Lol I think it looks rather good to. (You all should feel special, I’ve only showed this picture to my sister!  Lol)


I really don’t like how my arms look, but I also know I need to start toning up as well.  I keep saying I’m going to do yoga, but I haven’t started yet. I know, bad me! I just can’t seem to get myself out of bed early enough.  I always lay in bed and read the news instead.  :/

That’s my next goal, to start doing yoga. Anybody have any suggestions for easy beginners yoga? I do have a couple YouTube videos bookmarked. I NEED to start! Dang me and my procrastination!


Another weigh in!

So, I completely forgot yesterday was Friday and didn’t weigh in, so I weighed in this morning.


I’ll take it!

Since I didn’t have a “Before”picture, the best I can do is a sometime before picture.  Lol Here’s a new picture from today that shows a comparison. I don’t think it looks like I’ve lost much weight in my pictures, but I am!  🙂


So I kinda suck at keeping promises.  Sorry.  I had every intention of writing on Friday, but I got side tracked by grocery shopping and bank visiting and egg selling and then work.  Saturday was busy because we took some bunnies to a swap. By the time I got home from that I was pretty much wiped out! Sunday was churchand then I started getting a migraine.  I had the migraine unroll yesterday morning when I spent ALL MORNING in the waiting room of my Dr’s office just for him to give me a shot and be on my merry way.  

So!  Consider this my Friday post lol

I weighed in at 192.8 yay!

Last night the hubby wanted to eat some meatballs that ourneighbor brought over.  Her daughter moved out so she was cleaning out her freezer.  Hubby wanted meatball subs so I made them not even thinking!  It turns out that there was a TON of wheat and soy in them and 6 carbs in 5 meatballs! Oh my gosh my tummy felt HORRIBLE!  I begged hubby to never make me eat them again. He gave a chuckle, but I know he knew I was serious. 

Other than the migraine, which is gone all but some residual swelling, and the meatballs I’ve had a pretty decent week! I’m going to try and find a new recipe to put on the blog for next week.  Maybe I should dedicate a day of the week to recipes? What do you guys think?