Fun news.

So, my daughter is a little actress. She has been in Sleepy Hollow (which the scene was all but cut!) And she’s done a couple local plays, but nothing super big.

Let me back up a few months.

A while back, I submitted Jillian to be an extra on Sleepy Hollow. They immediately wanted her and she did a fitting in Wilmington, which is about an hour from here. That same weekend they were doing open casting calls for the Disney channel. We were yet ALL DAY! We got there at 9:30 and diss not leave until almost 4. It was crazy! Anyways, they took the kids back in groups of 15 or so to read a piece that was from the show Good Luck Charlie, but with the names changed. Jillian ended up beating out Miss Teen Columbia South Carolina for a call back. I was really worried because they were back there FOREVER! And when everyone was coming back, Jillian wasn’t with the group. She was being walked up by one of the assistants. She did her call back, which she was told she did well and that we might hear from them soon. They also told me she needed to have an agent soon.

I went on the prowl for an agent. I made Facebook friends with a guy that was a child actor (Trevor Eyster from Salute Your Shorts) and he had been telling me about different aspects of being a cold actor. One of the first things he told me was NEVER pay for work, and to steer clear of any agency that wants to charge a fee to represent her. They make their money when they find you work. So, when I started getting calls and emails back from more local agencies saying that they wanted money up front, I just wrote them off. Some of them emailed and said they weren’t looking for beginner talent, and that’s fine! But there were some that would say oh yes we want her but it’s going to be $$$ for us to represent her. NOPE!

Well, while I was at work in Friday, I was perusing Facebook and I seen that a talent agency in Charlotte was having an open casting call. I thought, what could it hurt! Worst thing that could happen is that they tell me that I have to pay a fee and I write them of as well. Well, they didn’t.

I submitted her pictures online and within 2 hours (not the 7-10 days it said) I got a response saying they wanted to see her at the open house. I emailed and said we had a prior engagement, which I did… I was having a Scentsy party (which went great btw!) and Charlotte is a 4 hour drive from here. I get an email back asking for a headshot and resume. I send it, and about 10 minutes later I get a phone call from them. They want to know a little more about Jillian, so we start talking. I tell her the sorry about the Disney casting call and she was very pleased. She offered Jillian a contract right then! She said to go ahead and update her online portfolios as them as her agent and they would go ahead and start promoting her! (late winter early spring is busy season for TV around here! Lol)

I’ve just got a couple questions about the contract (mostly the wording is strange and I don’t understand exactly what it’s saying) and once that is cleared up, Jillian will more than likely have an agent! 🙂

Next comes a new portfolio, which a good friends of ours (and Jillians boyfriends mom… Lol) has offered to do. She’s very exited, as we all are!



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