My motivation

One of my bloggy buddies made a list of motivators for her weight loss. She wrote about having babies and vacations and some really great things, so, I thought that I would try and write MY motivators up here.

1 This dress (and collar bones)



This was before I met my husband. I had a rather dorky male roommate, and he didn’t want to go to his Marine Corps Ball alone, so he asked if I would go with him. I told him sure, and I picked out a dress I already had (and still have mind you) and went to a friends house and got my hair did. I walked out of the bathroom after I got dressed and he said “Wow….” LOL I kinda miss that.


2 For my family

My family is one of the most important things in the WORLD to me.  I would do ANYTHING for my family, including my brothers and sisters, their offspring and significant others.  That’s just how we were raised. You looked out for your family. You took care of your family. I want to be an example to my family so that they want to take steps to be healthier as well. One of my sisters also does Atkins, and she’s lost like 70 pounds so far doing it! SHE’S the one that got ME started!! And for that, I’m eternally grateful, and extremely proud. (And yes… it was the same sister that told me that eating my Double Quarters with fries was going to make my hiney big. It took almost 15 years…. but she was right! 😉 )

3 For my wallet

I have an entire closet of clothes that I cannot wear! LITERALLY! I have STACKS of pants that are too small. I have LOADS of tops and skirts and this and that… just can’t wear them because I’m just too big! Hopefully I will get to wear the kick butt pencil skirt and silkie tops that my husband bought me as a “WOOHOO! WAY TO GO!” present the last time I was losing weight. He was so proud of me. I was proud of me too. When I fit in them (because I’ve NEVER worn them before!!!!!!) I WILL be putting a picture up here!

4 For Myself

I just am really not comfortable in the skin I’m in. I’ve always been “large” because I have a large frame (I can’t tell you how many of those guess your weight games I’ve won! LOL), but I never really felt LARGE before. I don’t remember who said it… but one time I heard a guy say “Nah… you can tell if she’s fat by her arms. If her arms are fat, then SHE’S fat!” For some reason that really struck me. It has stayed with me all this time. I’m so very self conscious of my arms for that reason. Even tho I DO have big muscles on my arms… I do have fat too… and the fat it what I want to be rid of. It’s slowly leaving, and I still have a long way to go, but I am getting there and that’s all that matters

5 For my joints

Last year I had  knee surgery. The surgeon told me that I would NEVER do high impact workouts ever again. That hurt my heart. I used to love to run! I LOVE doing Jillian Michaels (when I’m in shape), and most of all, I LOVE TurboJam! I can’t do ANY of those things?! When I went to my physical therapy, my therapist said that really, ALL movement is high impact. Including walking. He said for me to have THE LEAST amount of stress on my knee possible would be to lose weight and to get in shape by doing yoga, pilates, the elliptical machine, and swimming. The amount that I’ve lost so far is really helping my joints, I can only imagine being at 150 will do!


That’s really all I can think about right now… I guess it’s a bit selfish considering that all but 1 are about me…. but I guess that’s the whole reason behind the list, eh?



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