Weigh in AFTER breakfast?! *gasp*

So, yesterday I was chatting with a friend on fb. We were talking about the Scentsy party I’m throwing in February because I want the little rooster warmer because he’s so darn cute and would look great in my kitchen. He asked me how my weight was going and if I was still in ketosis. (Well, actually, he asked me if my pee sick was still purple.. Lol) I told him yes, that my official weigh in on Friday was 201. He got confused for a second because I had posted on fb that I had hit 199.8 earlier in the week, and I said I had, but official weigh ins are on Friday and that’s what I go by. So, that got me thinking about what my weight was. Surely it would be more that 201 with the half pound of bacon I just ate (and I’m only slightly joking… Lol) and the big mug of tea with Splenda and cream! Well, I stepped on the scale and it popped up as 198.6! Can you believe that? Lets hope it sticks!
Other than that, things around here have been okay. Had a little stress with some money issues this week, but, hopefully they are taken care of and won’t be an issue any more. Hopefully! I had some baby chicks hatch the other day! Those little balls of fluff make my heart happy. Oh….. I guess I should tell you that we’re suburban homesteaders…. or at least wanna-bes! We have chickens, rabbits, a small orchard, and a garden. I sell bunnies and chicks to make a little extra money, or to at least supplement the feed bill. πŸ˜‰
Anyways! These little balls of fluff!! They are just the cutest things. I was there when they hatched so they think I’m mommy. So cute.
We’ve also been trying to clean out the cupboards of all the carby food. Last night I made tuna noodle casserole for the fam, and I made myself some pan fried talapia and a salad. Tonight is “heroin wings” tho I don’t like wings so I make mine as breast nuggets. Lol Tomorrow is lasagna with noodles and salad for the family, and I will make myself a smaller one that has pepperoni instead of noodles.
I’m very excited for my next goal (which is onederland) and how that will come about. My “prize” is a cut and color. I have a feeling I’m going to wimp out on the cut, tho I do LOVE the cut, I’m not really one for changing my hair. I’ll color it all day, but cutting……. eh, not so much! I think the last time I CUT my hair is when I was pregnant with my daughter (who is 10 btw) and I got 14 inches cut off and it was still to my shoulders. Mind you I didn’t ASK for that much cut off! Maybe that’s why I never get my hair cut, because they always jack it up. Lol



  1. Nice job, Nacho! I like it when the unexpected happens that turns out to be good. We’re going to try chickens this year. My son got an incubator, and now I have to build a coop. I’ve been going to backyardchickens.com for information. Are they difficult?

    • Not difficult at all! If you go to mypetchicken.com they have great guides on incubation and chicken care if you go to the left hand aside close to the bottom. (They’re also my employer… Lol)
      I thought i was never going to get over that stall! But i knew I was getting smaller because my pants fit looser! The pants I bought at the beginning of December? I had to wear a belt to wear them to church on Sunday. Then, even tho they ARE a bit stretchy, I could pull them off without unbuttoning them! Cuh-razy!

  2. Yay for unexpected weight loss happiness! πŸ™‚ I noticed you said you were going to have pepperoni instead of noodles – have you ever tried zucchini noodles? I absolutely love them. That as some homemade pasta sauce is my go-to comfort food!

    • Lol yes! Chickens can lay all kinds of different colors. The new “trend” is chocolate eggs. Eggs so dark brown that they look like dark chocolate. I don’t have any personally, but I do have friends who do, and I’m incubating some for a friend right more. πŸ™‚
      I’m going to have to try it. None of us really LIKE zucchini, but if out was hidden in lasagna I bet we would! Lol

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