Week 3 weigh in

So, today has been a very busy day. Since we’re eating Thanksgiving at our friends house, and our other friend is moving, I got the torch passed to me on the Thanksgiving day shopping. Well, our friends husband was rushed to the hospital for blood clots in his lungs, so, it was just me and her. (He’s fine btw, they caught it in time!)

Well, for our first stop of the day, we grabbed 2 carts at Sams Club, and we filled them both pretty much up!! We packed up my truck, and headed to our next stop, WalMart! I got a few things that I was still needing for the week, and did a little “recon” for Christmas gifts. My son is getting Battlefield 4, which is the only thing that he’s asked for and a couple of gamer shirts as well as a couple toy guns that I got for him to try for free, The lil miss is getting a straightening iron that is also a curling iron, a new blow dryer, and a manicure set with some nail polishes. I hope that this will be sufficient and that they will both be happy with the gifts that they get this year. I’m thinking about getting my husband a new electric razor. He is on blood thinners and if he were to nick his face, it could be difficult to get it to stop bleeding, so he doesn’t shave that much. It drives me CRAZY!! He spent the first 4 years of our relationship smooth faced, and before I met him, all my boyfriends were clean shaven as well. I’m not one for facial hair. I’ve asked for a nice fluffy bath robe. Our final stop for the day was Food Lion and then back to her house to unload everything!

Tonight, I made broiled parmesan swai and broccoli. I think that has become my favorite meal! It’s SO GOOD!

Oh yeah!! I weighed myself this morning! My official 3 week weight is 208.2! That’s a total of 15.8 pounds for 3 weeks. Which also means I only lost 3 pounds this week. Kind of a lacking 3rd week considering in my first 2 weeks I lost over 12! LOL It’s okay tho! I’ll take it! I was told that my face looks thinner today. I don’t see it, but, I’ll take any compliments that come my way! 😉



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