Lazy Sunday

Yesterday was tough. I went to a Trades of Hope party with a friend of mine. Trades of Hope is an amazing organization. They have partnered with several countries to help women pull themselves out of poverty by teaching them a trade, buying the items they make, and selling them via what they call Compassion Entrepreneurs. If you’ve ever gone to any “home parties” for like Scentsy, or Party Lite, or anything similar, it was sorta like that.

The host served typical party foods, chips, hummus, cookies, etc etc, but, she also had some Atkins friendly foods! I had cheese, cauliflower, cucumbers, and some ranch.

It was nice to have some time to converse with other people, and to learn about this great thing that Trades of Hope is doing. I was proud of myself for staying on plan, even tho I eyeballed the No-bake Cookies REALLY hard, and the chocolate covered raisins were very tempting.

Today is going to be a lazy Sunday. I’m making Atkins friendly Chicken Alfredo with spaghetti squash for the noodles. I’m also making a a loaf of bread for the little miss.

Next week we have a lot going on! We’ve got to get the turkeys done. I’m ready for them to be gone! They pick on the chickens, they’ve decided that jumping over the fence is a great idea, but then they can’t figure out how to get BACK. So, that means that we have to chase them down, toss them back over the fence, and then put them up for the evening. They’re just stupid! If you’ve seen the movie Free Birds, it’s really just like the turkeys on the farm. Absolutely idiotic!

In just 3 weeks my mom and son will be here for a visit! My son went down to help my mom out for a while in Texas while my stepdad has to be away for work. He’s been doing really great down there, tho I do miss him so very much. We all cannot wait until he comes home!



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