No no… not THOSE Temptations!

I’m talking about FOOD temptations!

Today I made fish for dinner. I NORMALLY buy Swai, but this time I couldn’t find it in the freezer section of the commissary. This time I got some Arrowtooth Flounder. I’d never heard of it before, but I know that we like flounder that we can get locally at the farmers market, so, I thought I would give it a try!

The dish I made out of it the first time was delicious! I honestly couldn’t have thought that it would have been any better! Man was it good! So, I thought tonight that we would go ahead and just have it with some seasoning on top and that we would be able to taste the actual flavor of the fish. Boy was that a bad idea!!! It was not good at all! LOL

Nobody really liked it, but I did manage to eat my serving because I was hungry. Well, hubby decided that he needed a pizza while I was taking the kiddo to rehearsal, so when I got home I was assaulted with the smell of wonderful pizza. I gave in slightly to the temptation. I put a slice on my plate, and promptly picked all the toppings and cheese off the crust and set the plate aside. My husband looked at the plate, then to me, and said “Aren’t you going to eat that?” and I said “Nope. You know I’m not eating that, so it was a silly question to ask.” So, I fed most of the crust to the dogs (who were more than happy to help me clean my plate!) and smiled. He then walked in with a chocolate lava cake (one of my most favorite things on the planet!!!!) and proceeded to slowly eat it with moans and groans of enjoyment. He kept asking me “Are you SURE you don’t want any?” and I just smiled and said “I’m sure.” I then pulled up an old picture of myself from when I was skinny and put it on the laptop screen and said “Hey look at this!” and he smiled real big, and I said “By not eating that, I’m going to look like this again.” He gave a chuckle and said “Well, I guess if I can’t tempt you with this, I might as well get used to mashed fauxtatoes, huh?” I couldn’t help but laugh! He’s right! I’ve been tempted quite a few times in the last 2 weeks, and I haven’t caved yet!

That being said, I don’t INTENTIONALLY put myself into situations that I will be tempted, but I can’t just not go places because there will be food that are not on plan for me. Thanksgiving is coming up and I won’t be at home. There will be all kinds of food there, and I will just have to make sure that I have other options. I’ve already talked to our host about making a separate bowl of mashed “fauxtatoes” for me. She said that she would eat them with me if I wanted her to. I told her she didn’t have to. πŸ™‚

Anyways! It’s time for Greys Anatomy, so, I need to finish this up so I can put my focus on that. πŸ˜‰


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