I’m here!

I promise I haven’t fallen of the wagon! I’ve just been very busy with work stuff. 🙂

I’ve hit the “energy” phase of Atkins! Even tho I still go to bed at 9pm (Cos I’m a 33 year old old lady… Lol) I have been waking up naturally around 5:30am. I usually lay in beef and read the newspaper that comes to my email every morning. I then get all my work work done, then house work done, and usually by noon I can relax and watch some TV. I rarely do the for more than a TV show or two I missed the night before. Always something to do here! Rabbits need fed, watered, cages cleaned, water bottles cleaned, chicken coop cleaned, nest boxes cleaned, feeders, waters….. on and on! Lol

Today was the Marine Corps 238th birthday. It’s a special day for our family. My husband is a medically retired Marine, and my aunt was in the Marines as well. Tomorrow is Veterans Day, another special day for us. We live very close to Camp LeJeune, which is the largest Maine base on the East coast. I’m very proud of all of the veterans in our family. My aunt, my uncle, my dad, my brother, my brother in law and father in law! (And if I’m not mistaken, my grandfather as well!) All veterans. Only some of them seen war time, but, it doesn’t matter. They all served our country proudly in many different branches of the military.

Anyways! I Just wanted to post that I’m still alive and still plugging away at my weight loss! Tomorrow, I will post a recipe for Chicken Parmesan meatballs. Oh gosh they are so good!

Off to bed for me!


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