So, today is day 3. I still feel really good! Still no real cravings, but, I have had temptations! This morning while I was making breakfast, there was a bit of cookie dough left in a bowl that I hadn’t gotten around to washing yet (yes… it’s washed now! LOL) and my first instinct was to eat it! But nooooooooo! Not only would that have been pretty gross… but I didn’t need all the sugar, flour, and chocolate chips that were in there! I felt pretty good for that achievement!

I also stepped on the scale this morning. I was SHOCKED to see 218 pop up! WHAAAAAT! I’ve lost 6 pounds since Friday! KACHOW! *does the happy dance*

My wonderful sister, who is the Obi Wan to my Atkins journey, told me that I should think about getting some ketone strips. She said to not be discouraged if it wasn’t registering yet because it was only my 3rd day. I was secretly hoping that it would show up dark purple! Well… it did!! I can’t say that I’ve ever been so happy to see a stick I’ve peed on to change colors!!

Breakfast this morning was 5 pieces of bacon, 2 eggs, and a cup of decaff chia with a dash of heavy whipping cream. It was delicious!

Lunch was salmon patties, dill pickles and Diet Dr Pepper. I only put one egg and a couple handfuls of crushed pork rinds. They didn’t stay together that well, so next time I think I will need to add another egg maybe.

Up to this point we’re at about 6 carbs for the day. Seriously? Only 6?? CUH-RAZY!

For dinner I’m making a roast, with cauliflower mash and green beans. So, we have 0 carbs for the meat, about 4 carbs for the green beans, we’ll say another 3 for the cauli mash and that brings my total carbs for the day to 13! Woohoo! Go me! You never know, they day isn’t over, I may eat another few pickles tonight. 🙂 I’ve got the extra carbs to do so if I wish! 😀

I’ve promised one of my followers that I would post my recipe for cauliflower pizza crust. (Who doesn’t love pizza and miss it when they go low carb?? Uh… this girl!)

So, what you do is take your cauliflower and boil it and mash it, like you’re going to make mash, but don’t put any cream or anything in it. Then you take it and put it on your pizza stone or your cookie sheet, and get it flat!!! Sprinkle with onion and garlic powder, and some Italian seasoning, whatever you want really. Then you put it in a 350 oven for around 8 minutes. Then you pull it out, put your sauce and toppings on and bake until they’re done! Easy peasy!



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