Day 1

So, today is day 1 for my Atkins journey.

I’ve learned some things today, like, when you go to McDonalds and ask for a Quarter Pounder with cheese, but no bun, they look at you really funny.

That’s right. I went to McDonalds today. It was a tough day!! I went to the commissary (military base grocery store) to do ALL of my shopping for the 2 week phase for Induction.  I specifically went to the smaller commissary because I know they don’t have a bakery, and just a very small section in the front of some cookies and cupcakes. I quickly walked past it, and my favorite sushi, and got right to the veggies. I picked up some apples for my daughters lunch, and the rest of my groceries. I was a bit annoyed that when I asked about no sugar ketchup or low carb pasta sauce that they looked at me like I had sprouted a 2nd head. And it wasn’t just at the commissary! I went to W*M for the few things that my commissary didn’t have and they basically did the same thing! No diabetic sections AT ALL!

Oh well, I got some tomatoes and I will make my own ketchup and pasta sauce! Take that Pembroke Scholars! (I also throw in random movie quotes from time to time. If you know which movie that comes from, let me know! I’ll throw a shout out and a blog link in my next post. 🙂 )

I’m going to be pretty transparent about things. From what I eat, what I weigh, even down to my struggles and complaints!

So, here’s the the “low down”

Height: 5’8″

Weight: 224

Breakfast: chicken salad

Lunch: Double Quarter Pounder with no bun

Dinner: Meatloaf, cauliflower mash, and green beans



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